Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Covering the Gap

Its no big secret that I am desperately waiting for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR). Hopefully, later this year it will launch!

I am hopefully done with World of Warcraft forever, unless WAR epic fails (which I doubt), but I have to bridge the gap until WAR releases. I don't want to buy any new games, and I don't want to get involved in any game that requires too much time investment to advance a character.

That leaves me with the action games I already own. I've never really stopped playing Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty 4, and I've recently jumped back into Day of Defeat: Source. I am also tempted to reinstall Battlefield 2 and its expansions, as I stopped playing it due to burn out more than from hating the game (though I still hate aircraft whores).

So, that is where I will be for the next few months hopefully. That is, unless a beta invite comes knocking.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I just bought DoD: Source (it was on sale for $4.99 Independence Day,) and it seems very spiffy so far, although I seem to be spending much more of my shooter time in TF2.

  2. DoD: Source has a much smaller fanbase than the original DoD, but I've always found it a solid shooter.

    To me, it is easier to play than Counter Strike: Source, but offers the same smooth controls and a different setting.

    Also, with the new achievements, there is a little bit of incentive to try every class out.

  3. I am excited about Diablo 3... so excited that I thought about picking up Diablo 2 and playing that again.

    However Diablo 2 has crappy 800x600 graphics.

    So I looked around for 'Diablo like' games. After some research I decided to give Titan Quest: Immortal Throne a try.... it's AWESOME :)

    I've been having a lot of fun playing it. The graphics are great, the game play and character advancement is great, the loot drops are amazing and it's just so much fun.

    It's available via Steam by the way, which is how I bought it. If you choose to try it out, buy the package deal where you get both Titan Quest and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. You'll need to run Titan Quest first, just once, then exit. Then run Titan Quest: Immortal Throne which includes the original game (it just adds another act on the end and new features, bug fixes, etc to the game itself).
    I've been playing for several days now, it's still a lot of fun.

  4. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I have never been a shooter guy. I'd never played one until the Bioshock demo came out, and that didn't sell me on them (nor on Bioshock) - I've never even played Counterstrike. I bought TF2 with the idea that it would be fun and loose and it would pretty much be the only shooter I would ever need. And it really could be, but I've developed enough of a taste to want to try out some others. This reminds me that I do need to pick up CoD4 sooner or later.

  5. CoD4, to me, is a hardcore shooter. You really need to be into FPS games if you want to enjoy the multiplayer.

    The single player is awesome for players of all skill levels, but very short compared to other games.

    The multiplayer first requires a bit of leveling, which most people have knocked out already. Leveling unlocks the better weapons and weapon add-ons. The leveling can be super slow unless you go to servers designed to level faster. For example: servers that run 52 players on small maps. You can't actually play on these servers, but you get insane experience per round and its fast.

    It is cheating if you ask me, but there are some weapons that just make the game fun and I'd rather not wait to get them. Plus, these aren't purposefully designed cheat servers ala TF2 achievement maps. You still have to put some effort into them and there is some skill to be found in the top players. Just don't expect to play much on these servers as a new player :P

    DoD: Source is an easy shooter to pick up compared to CoD4. CoD4 will have you, as it did me, cursing the game as a pile of rubbish for a few days until you get the hang of it. For someone new to FPS it would probably take a lot longer and would be more painful now that you would be competing against players that have all the bells and whistles.

  6. I have been toying around with getting TF2... I hear the community is pretty slim on the 360... I have never been good at a mouse/keyboard shooter so I am not sure if I should even bother.


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