Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Beta Leaks

As I sit staring into cyberspace, waiting for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) NDA to drop, I can't help but notice that there are more beta leaks than you can shake a discriminatory finger at. Some of them are in reference to official press outlets that have been given the OK to start talking, while others are just old-fashioned beta leaks from testers that can't keep their mouths shut.

However, unlike the beta leaks of a few months ago, almost every single one is positive. Minus Brent's "beta-breaking" over at Virgin Worlds, which I am either misunderstanding or he truly has lost his mind. Vacation will do him good.

My name seems to keep cropping up as the sole proprietor of all that is WAR's fanaticism, comments at the above link are no exception. Not sure how it has come to that, considering I've leveled my fair share of criticism towards Mythic over the past three years. Maybe it's because I'm fair and give props to Mythic for tackling almost every single complaint leveled against WAR by testers and cynics alike.


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    My own comment was because of the C-Massive podcast. :)

    Not because I really think that.

  2. "I am a Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning FANBOY."

    Wonder if that has anything to do with it..

    Oh and the attacks against anyone else saying anything negative?
    You make it sound like it is ok for YOU to say negative stuff...but not anyone else?

    No wonder your name keeps coming up (and I was not the only one doing it I

    Cheers mate

  3. I have nothing against anyone that is negative about WAR and you may even find that I agree with some negative positions. However, if they are uninformed and flat out lie in the attempt to be negative towards WAR, I believe I am well within my blogging rights to call a liar for what they are.

  4. But who was the liar then?
    Brent? Because he said
    I am trying to find the liars that you speak of...
    Is it maybe these peoples opinion?
    Because every screenshot I see of WAR STILL looks like WoW 2.0, am I a liar for saying that?
    If I could possibly see the statements that are "lies" would definitely help me understand.
    Since the game is not released, all I see are opinions everywhere, not lies..
    Lets see what happens at launch, then see if there are liars.

  5. There are numerous leaks on GAX as well.

    And please dead on arrival? Seriously if no one has played the beta before the past month, please dont spout such idiocy.

  6. I think I lay out a pretty good case against the Channel Massive folks. Pretty much caught them red handed in a lie, pretending they knew about WoW's hero classes.

    Outside of that, there is just a bunch of misinformation floating around that I have been diligently fighting. "The game hasn't launched" is not an excuse to be ignorant. I don't need WAR to launch to point out the fact that Mythic has never promised six cities our twenty four classes.

    Oh, and congrats on having an opinion. Now please find some screenshots, photo shop them next to each other, and CONVINCE me that WAR looks like WoW. Won't happen, because I spend more than ten seconds looking into things.

  7. anyways, I had to investigate this whole "Heroes" discussion and beta, etc.

    The data you give is from the "Blue" tracker, which is noted as the "Developer's" this correct?

    The post you continue to use as your proof is noted as
    "That was stated by Caydiem here.." with a dead link.
    So far we have a quote from some user, that supposedly was stated by this Caydiem.

    I researched Caydiem, and find this
    Caydiem was a Blizzard employee and was a Community Manager for the US World of Warcraft forums

    A community manager?
    Your ammunition in this battle is from a CM?
    I would beg to differ in using a CM as proof of a "DEV's" desires or the Game Directors desires to have things within a game.
    Can you provide alternate proof, as the link really is limited in it's information, and I am afraid we may have to hand this one to the C-Massive guys.

    And at the C-Massive site, I have decided to bring some extra info there, so, you may want to look at that...
    Wild stuff..

  8. Openedge, I am guessing you didn't follow that link and actually read the entire thing. I specifically linked to it in that manner to show Caydiem's response. You may be interested in the part where he talks about actually removing the "On the horizon" section regarding Hero classes from the official WoW website. I'm guessing that takes a little more than just a mere Community Manager to conjure up.

    Your response is laughable.

  9. No, I followed your link, and your retort is laughable.

    You have no proof is this issue.

    The "On the Horizon" could always discuss what a dev would like to do in game, but there are no set dates.
    There is nothing you have to show that Devs wanted Heroes in before launch.

    All I want is where Blizard Dev's stated that they plan to have these in for launch, just like I can show you where the discussion for the Cities and Classes for WAR were there, and then cut due to issues.

    Mark discusses
    "Of all of the news in this interview, this is the worst. Having to cut these guys out, even though it's the right decision, I am really sorry that we have to do it. I truly am."

    This is where your disconnect is I believe.
    Mythic had these items in game, and removed them. People may not have tested them, but all indications were that they "existed" and were being worked on.
    Then {{snip}}. Gone.

    The discussion you have linked was by Caydiem. According to the little information you give we are to believe developers were discussing all of their ideas with Caydiem, who then relayed this information to the players.
    Then this quote which does not exist anymore is quoted by a player, not a DEV.
    As can be seen, Caydiem was also quite power hungry...there are many instances of Caydiem "misspeaks" and quotes of Caydiem messing in Blizzard forum politics...who knows what this person promised.

    As to "On the Horizon", that is a "interpretation". You interpret it as meaning launch, and it could mean anytime sooner or later.
    Caydiem even says....
    "Because they're not close at hand"

    We each interpret the data we have on hand, this is what research does. You make an "assumption" (as no HARD evidence really exists) that this was a true and factual statement.
    And I see the same thing for WAR. Except mine comes from a direct source.

    Which is more plausible.

    And we are discussing Blizzard removing "One aspect" of gameplay, and Mythic?

    This means the removal of two tanks and two melee DPS classes.
    This I would call a "chunk".

    Interpretation I guess.

  10. sadly betaleaks seems to have been killed. Judging by the error message in its place, I assume EA went after the hosting provider and had the account suspended.

    I agree with your criticisms of their forum in an earlier post, but given the ludicrously late dropping of WAR's NDA, I've found the info on there incredibly helpful over the last few months and it's genuinely sold me on the game rather than the opposite. I find myself hoping the site returns in some form or another.


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