Thursday, August 07, 2008

Win, Lose

Jets win.

Packers lose.

I wish Brett Favre the best of luck in his trade to the New York Jets. All Favre has to do is show up to lift the Jets' spirits, win a few games to win the fans, and it will be considered a successful trade.

The Packers have to win, not just the regular season, but in the playoffs. I won't say they need a Super Bowl appearance to justify the trade, but anything less than an NFC Championship appearance and its a losing trade. The pressure is on the Packers now.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Mythic release date/beta info announced same day as the Farve issue ends? Strange ;)

    I don't know why the Jets want him. they will not go far in the playoffs and he will likely 'retire' again at the end of the year.

  2. The Packers look incredibly stupid. I couldn't believe what the coach was saying at the conference. I know Favre's a huge flipflopper, but he's still one of the best QB's today. It's lunacy to trade him away because the GM wants to play 'his' guy.

    I don't root for any team to do bad outside of the Pats, but I'm definitely rooting for the Packers to have an awful season. You don't treat a legend like that treated Favre.

  3. Heartless do you have a Joe Klecko jersey I can borrow?

    Ok Ok I kid. So you will remain a Packers fan not a Favre fan? He has some good receivers to throw to but my god, the Jets are so bad, but they have spent some cash in the off season. Honestly though I dont see the jets even making the play offs and who is to say Favre will be back next year.

    Yikes this is gonna be interesting

  4. I will ALWAYS be a Packers fan, good or bad. I will ALWAYS be a Favre fan. Even if the Cinderella story of the Favre Jets vs. Packers super bowl comes true this year, I would be a fan of both. I would root for the Packers though, but not be upset of Favre won out.

    Packer fans are unlike any in the NFL. They are behind the team and I don't think one player will ever be taken over the team. Any fans leaving over the Favre saga weren't true fans to begin with.

    It is a shame how the Packers dealt the blow to Favre, but it was evident that nothing good was going to come of it and I'm glad Brett gets to play this year and that the Packers can move on.

  5. He was in town for the Browns/Jets game tonight. Had a presser... sounded like he was lost.

  6. From my perspective, it looked like the Packers did the right thing.

    They can't sit around waiting for that prima donna, Favre, to make up his mind. Sure he wants to come back, but they had committed themselves to moving on, they can't back track, especially since they've had a fresh young QB siting on his ass the last few years, while they wait for Favre to retire.

    Trading him made lots of common sense. Will they get far without him, probably not, but they had to move forward so they could start the rebuilding process without him.

    Besides, if they kick ass while the Jets flounder, then I'm sure lots of people in Green bay will be singing a different tune.

    Besides, what kind of loyalty is there when Favre starts pissing and moaning on national TV about the way Green Bay was not taking his calls. Is that a way to get them to take you back?

  7. It's a "building year" for the Packers :)
    Seriously, he had 2 years left which means now is their only opportunity to trade him, and when he was going to leave no one was worried that Aaron Rodgers couldn't perform.

    Favre is still great but watching team after team in every sport keep their best players to the bitter end, then having no trades to rebuild, it seems pretty smart to trade during those last 2 years.

    So the Packers are in the same position they were in 4 months ago, but now they get another draft pick.


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