Friday, April 03, 2009

Something That Every MMO Needs: The Aggregator

Runes of Magic has introduced The Aggregator.
Using this Aggregator item you can transfer statistics from items that belong to you to similar, new items.

You can e.g. transfer the stats of your new and better but not so-good-looking robe, to your trusty and well fitting robe immediately.

So you can still look cool and do not have to go without your beloved bonuses!
Are Blizzard and Mythic listening? They should be, because this is an absolute brilliant idea.

I'm still on the fence for micro-transactions in MMOs, but Runes of Magic and items like The Aggregator are slowly changing my opinion. This micro-transaction stuff can work with solid design principles behind it.

With that said, I'm still a bit bummed that the PvP server for RoM requires a massive cash investment to be competitive on. So, kudos for The Aggregator RoM, but -50 DKP for the PvP server (which is in really bad shape).


  1. Or just have appearance slot systems like LoTRO and EQ II. Regardless, having some system in place so that you don't have to run around looking like you were dressed by a blind rodeo clown should absolutely be standard in MMOs. I find it utterly boggling that WoW does not have this feature.

  2. PvP is the only time all the "fear" we Western gamers have of microtransactions actually have legs. PvP is when you really are competing against other players. PvP is when it can (in WoW, etc.) turn into Gear vs. Gear, though contrary to what most Western players think, most F2P games do not sell gear. But those precious stamina potions, etc. are what make the difference in PvP, and whoever spends the most on them to have a higher stack count can win the fight in PvP.

  3. I'm playing on the RoM PvP server anyways. The PvP is very different from WoW or EQ2 so it's pretty fun. It's more like Ultima Online or Lineage 2's style of PvP rules.

  4. I'm very happy about the aggregator. I think WOW needs an appearance tab. Changing in and out of fluff items you've gotten during holiday events would be easier than keeping it in your bags and using a changing mod.

    I was wondering how you were doing on the PVP servers. I've read is difficult, can be easily offset by RMT and a bit brutal.

  5. I've read enough horror stories about the PvP server to know I want to probably avoid them :P

    The real PvP is probably best on the PvE servers in castle fights and duels. Which beats the gank and 1-hit killer mages of the PvP server.

  6. Probably still runs better than Darkfall. Got my Knight to level 7, time to read up on Saylah's site about dual classing soon

  7. I think appearance slots are better but I suppose the Aggregator is a good way to monetize the concept, which I suppose, as a free to play MMO, RoM needs.

  8. Agreed - when I first read about this, I had the exact same thoughts - why not implement this feature in ALL MMO titles?

  9. SylvanSnake4:50 PM

    All mmo's should have costume slots. The aggregator idea is ok, but much easier to use costume slots. Unfortunately, in WoW the gear just keeps getting uglier. The creative department really dropped the ball with Lich King, all the gear looks the same with slightly different shades of dull earth tones. I like aesthetics in mmo's, maybe it's shallow, but in fantasy games characters can look good. If Blizzard made the character models in a similar style to most korean mmo's, I'd consider it the perfect mmo.


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