Wednesday, April 15, 2009

W A R Stands 4

Waiting on Aion's Release

Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Anyways, Aion looks pretty cool.


  1. I'm defintly goling to be taking alook at Aion, because I love the art style of the game. However I am a bit worried...

    I think that the things they added from WoW don't really go in-hand with the things in the game that are more like Lineage.

    What I'm trying to say is... I fear that Aion may try to be too much like a western MMO, and fall somewhere in the middle between east and west.. but not in a good way.

    This game is definitly NOT a Lineage 3. Which I hoped it would be. But... because I realize that I'm holding judgement and I'll give the game a fair shot when it is released.

  2. Personally, everything I've seen puts Aion on the map as its own game. If all East meets West MMOs shape up as Aion is, its a good thing.

  3. I hope it's got more to offer pvp wise then Lotro. Personally I'm tired of paying for two mmo subs - 1 for pvp and the other for everything else the 1st one lacks (crafting, pve, immersion).


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