Saturday, April 04, 2009

This Title Has Nothing To Do With This Post

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is introducing a token system.
The RvR Quartermasters are "Barter" merchants who will trade players special items and equipment in exchange for specific items earned in RvR. These Quartermasters offer players an alternative way of obtaining items in RvR such as the item sets normally obtained via Keep PQ bags. In addition the RvR Quartermasters will offer exclusive items and rewards not obtainable elsewhere.
Under System Goals, Mythic lists the following:
Help offset "Bad Luck", allowing players to obtain items they may not have gotten out of PQ's due to unlucky rolls.
Personally, I've never understood why MMOs shifted so far towards rewarding luck instead of rewarding investment and smart play.

Anyways, Mythic may just have a game worth returning to come the Tomb Kings content expansion.

Update: The title for this post was from an old draft. I have changed the title to reflect that it has nothing to do with this actual post.


  1. Game becomes more and more like WoW every day

    Just rename the tokens "emblems of heroism" and assign some faction grind to them.

  2. Well if it would become more like it's predecessor DAoC everyone would be better off. Thankfully Mythic is realizing that now too...

  3. There are good and bad concepts invented or copied by WoW. Other MMO's do good with "copying" the good concepts as long as they make sense in their game and their audience and core design is not completely different. ;)

    "OMG WoW n00b" angst reactions doesn't get anyone anywhere constructive. :P

  4. Its a simple solution and FYI Hudson, Mythic did it before in DAoC with Darkness Falls and Seals. Which begs the fucking question why Mythic didn't pick up on the fact that people LOVED the Seals in DAoC and implement the system in WAR!

    So, WoW took three or so years to catch up with DAoC! HA!


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