Sunday, June 21, 2009

My First Micro-Transaction

I've gone and done it. I've completed my first micro-transaction.

The game? Domain of Heroes.
The item? Starter pack, which gives increased inventory, an increased logout timer, a mule, guild-worthiness, chat message size increase, and extra wishes (wishes being the dual currency of DoH).
Price? $9.99

Anyone that has played or seen Domain of Heroes may be shocked that I spent money on it, but I had the $10 sitting to the side from a work-related bonus, so I wanted to treat myself.

Also, I felt comfortable supporting the development of DoH. The game is still rough around the edges, but looks to be maturing into an awesome casual web game. The developers/support folks are nice and can often be found online actually playing their own game and interacting with the playerbase. The community is also top notch.

Having played DoH for a couple weeks now, I've started to realize how narrow minded my game mechanic thought process has been during my years playing of AAA MMOGs. While DoH doesn't go too far off the beaten path, there are tons of small changes, along with the "set it and forget it" playstyle that make it refreshing to play.

All of this combined to increase my willingness to complete a micro-transaction.


  1. Nice! I've had my eye on DoH since you discussed it last week. I haven't stepped into the world yet, but I'm awfully close.

    My first RMT was Wizard101 - I paid to unlock an area (I play the game super-casual with my 8yr old godson, so a subscription doesn't make sense).

    I've also spent a bit of money in Free Realms since then.

  2. I just signed up for DoH. Seems interesting.

  3. Good to hear Werit. It won't be everyone's tea pot, but it has its own energy to keep those that find it interesting.

    I'll have to write up a newb guide for it sometime.

  4. Yea, it certainly is different. Im not even sure what there is to do. It fights for you, you get loot, drop off/sell loot, repeat? Haven't looked much at the PvP yet.

  5. For starters, there is gear management.
    Secondly, there is faction vs faction warfare.

    Then there are things like magic find (MF), which you build an entire character for (Troll/Gnome Pirate/Jack), which is the equivalent of "raiding" in a traditional MMOG, or that's how I would describe it, as MF characters grinding out tons of monsters for loot is how uber loot is achieved.

    Read up some of the newbie guides:


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