Friday, June 12, 2009

MMOs On Steam 20% - 75% Off, WAR Not Included

Steam is hosting a sale on MMOGs.
Most of Steam's Massively Multiplayer games are on sale through the 19th, starting today.
Curiously enough Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, one MMOG that could use a little boost in sales before its next big patch, isn't included in the list. Between this and Mark Jacobs semi-absence as of late, it has to make WAR fans wonder what is up in Mythic-town.

However, SOE isn't missing the boat, with almost all of their MMO games on Steam for sale. From Everquest II to Pirates of the Burning Seas, they've got it covered.

I would be very interested to see how this sale helps out each of these games. Unreal Tournament III saw a fairly healthy revival when its price tag was slashed on Steam:
According to Valve, that strong spike was a 2,000% increase in simultaneous players in the game (UT3). Additionally, the game held the top spot on Steam's bestseller list.
Of course, UT3 didn't carry the baggage of a monthly subscription, so it may be a little apples to oranges, but it does show that older games can have new life breathed into them via the greatest PC gaming platform on earth.

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  1. More like doubting whats up in EA town. I doubt Mythic have any ability to set prices.

    EA aren't really the largest Steam supporters and seem to ignore it where they can.


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