Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Path Demo, Not As It Appears

Tale of Tales has released a demo for their game The Path, which actually turns out to be a prequel, making it well worth the download for those of us who were thoroughly enthralled by the full blown game.
Instead of making a trial version that allows you to play part of the game, we created a new chapter that takes place in the same forest but with a few things different. So even if you have played The Path, you might like to have a look at this.

The primary purpose of The Path - Prologue is of course to give people an opportunity to get a taste of the atmosphere of the full game and test our technology on their computer. Hopefully many like what they see and buy the full version.
Brilliant move for a brilliant game.

Download link.


  1. Bhagpuss5:22 AM

    Hmm. Very pretty, but it took about 90 seconds to walk straight along the path and into the house and then it ends.

    I am guessing that if you go off the path, other things happen, but the instructions are to stay on the path, and even if it wasn't a "game", where rules are made to be followed, not broken, I can't envisage going into those trees. If I was going to roleplay it, I wouldn't even go through there on the path, it looks far too scary.

    Guess I'll never know what's in the woods, but at least I got safely to Grandma.

  2. Trust me, its well worth it to take a little adventure.


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