Monday, December 12, 2022

Boring Final Fantasy 16 Trailer

 The Final Fantasy XVI (16) trailer has hit the web and I have some thoughts on it.  First go ahead and watch it and then read on for my commentary.



Vivi; the best character
in FF history (fight me!)

 There used to be a time when a new Final Fantasy game trapped my imagination.  I remember fondly the days of the Super Nintendo games followed by the mind blowing trailer that was Final Fantasy 7 for the Playstation.  I was captivated by Final Fantasy 8's opening sequence (even though it really lies about what the game will be; spoiler: its a scene inside a training simulator).  Then the thematic amazement from Final Fantasy 9 is seared in memory; especially the character of Vivi (see image at right).  These three games were a trifecta of awesome.

 Then something happened with Final Fantasy 10 and a lean towards "real" instead of fantasy.  This isn't to say that there were not elements of fantasy, but all of the characters leaned towards "human" and gone were the whimsical takes and approaches of past games.  It honestly bores me.

 Which brings us to my view on the trailer for 16: boring!  The game goes for a high visual fidelity with human-like characters with plain names like Joshua.  Gone, in my opinion, is the fantasy no matter how many swords and monstrous beasts they show.  Throw in a delayed release to the PC and I have zero interest. Someone page me when the creativity closer to Final Fantasy 9 returns to this franchise.

 Tell me I'm wrong in the comments.


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