Wednesday, December 14, 2022

How I Reorganized My Storage in New World

 It's not quite spring, but my New World storage couldn't wait!  I worked on and off the last few days to devise a way to best organize my storage in a way that would make it easier to find what I was looking for.  The main target was to make my various piles of gear more easily accessible to fit into different slots in my build.  Below I've outlined my thought process and where I've landed.

Some data points I had in mind as I worked through this:

  • There are 20 town storages available (three were added in Brimstone Sands)
  • There are 13 weapons
  • There are 3 armor weights (light/medium/heavy) with 5 pieces each; total of 15
  • There are 3 accessory slots (amulet/ring/earring)
  • You can own 3 houses
  • A tier 4 house can have 4x storage chests

We'll start with the towns where I have houses.  After paying up for cursed storage chests and paying for a Tier 4 house I was able to jam all crafting materials (except cooking) into my Windsward storage.  I then used a second town where I had  a Tier 1 house for all cooking supplies and some misc gathering/crafting gear.  My third house is Tier 3 and is the town I do my trading post flipping in so it is off limits for this exercise as its regularly maxed out on weight.

 This left me with 17 town storages to sort gear into.  At first I went with putting all light gloves into one storage and down the line with each armor slot/weight getting its own town (15 total).  This actually turned out to be a little annoying so I collapsed all light armor into one town, all medium into another, and all heavy into another.  Less searching over all for gear pieces and you can sort storage by weight of each item to neatly organize gloves by gloves, etc because the slot all have the same weight (note: this is not true of weapons; some rapiers were heavier than others as an example).

 Next that left me with the 13 weapons.  For this I just put one weapon in each of the first 13 storage available.  The exception is sword and shield which are together (not sure I like this since there are three sizes of shields but leaving it for now).  This makes it easy to peruse my collection of weapons I'll never use but am too afraid to salvage because I might think about using them.

 I then put all accessories into a single storage.  That was a mess as visually it is impossible to figure out an earring vs an amulet.  Then I mixed them with armor, but they get mixed together in the armor section.  So I ended up putting rings, earrings, and amulets each in their own storage opposite a weapon.  This worked out very well.

 I was left then with two empty storage units which is useful for making bulk transfers.  A note as well is I keep all consumables in my active inventory (potions, food, buffs) so that does not require a separate storage.  I use one town for miscellaneous storage for things like extra recipes and piles of fishing bait I own for some unkown reason.

 In the end here is what storage looks like:

Town Storage
Category 1Category 2
BrightwoodAll CookingCrafting/Gathering Gear
Brimstone SandsBlunderbussLight Armor
Cleave's PointBowMedium Armor
Cutlass KeysFirestaffHeavy Armor
Ebonscale ReachTrading Post
First LightHatchetAmulet
Last StandIce Gauntlet
Monarch's BluffLife Staff
MourningdaleSword and Shield
Restless ShoreVoid Gauntlet
Taberna MercatusWarhammer
Valor HoldExtra Recipes/SongsFishing Bait
Weaver's FenNOT USED
Wikala al-WahaNOT USED
WindswardAll Crafting


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