Friday, April 14, 2023

Battlefield 2042 Shutdown

 Battlefield 2042 has a new special event, Leviathan Rising, and includes a game mode called Shutdown.  

Attack, Plant & Protect - Infiltrate enemy objectives & plant the Lances; a new mode objective in Shutdown, protect them, and score as many points as possible.

Defend, Locate & Disable - Locate and eliminate Lance Carriers, prevent their dropped Lances from being picked up, and defuse any that do get planted, with prejudice.

 Basically it is conquest but players get to plant the flag (the Lance).  It is also infantry-only so no vehicles.  Combat is all close quarter as the maps are small.  This is an entirely different experience than normal Battlefield.

battlefield 2042
 Personally, I do not find the mode to be much fun.  I enjoy the change in pace with the infantry combat, but matches can get lopsided quickly and it's pretty miserable spending 7 minutes (max for half of a round) getting killed repeatedly.

 This mode may be fun in a coordinated group, but as a solo player with unorganized teams this is a mess.  I will play enough to get the rewards but then I'm done and back to breakthrough.

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