Thursday, April 27, 2023

Why New World! Why!?

Wispy Spritz and Fire Motes!?

 New World's new spring event is live: Springtide Bloom.  The event has players zipping around the world killing wasps and picking flowers.  There is a trick to killing the wasps you can harvest the flowers and that trick is having Wispy Spritz on hand.  While plenty of Wispy Spritz is given away in the event the crafting recipe is a head scratcher as it requires fire motes; the most expensive motes in the game... so the price... as expected... is going up (2 to 2.48 gold per on my server).

 This highlights this weird imbalance New World has with some components. Some are overused in many different recipes and then get scooped into event recipes like this situation; and other resources in the same family have significantly less use.  In the mote example; Fire Motes are the most used mote and now is the most-most used because of the event kicking off.  Why New World? Why!?

New World Wispy Spritz

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