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New World: Infernus Farm Build

AKA the Solo Myrkgard Build

 As I mentioned in my last post I have been working to obtain Infernus in New World.  I am doing this solo which requires a build that can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.  This means heavy armor and the ability to self heal.  And since we are in Myrkgard already; we may as well farm it... solo!

 The key's of the build are:

  • Heavy armor with corrupted ward
  • A warhammer with Trenchant Recovery
  • A sword with life steal

Note: see image at the wayyyyyyyyy bottom for all of my current gear.

Armor and Attributes

 The good news on the heavy armor front is there is plenty of corrupted ward heavy armor.  If you've run Tempest Heart chances are you have various pieces of Tempestuous armor.  Or the Lorica Squamata chest piece from The Ennead.  Or from the Winter Convergence event you have the patterns that come with corrupted ward not only do you get the ward but also +Luck.  Upgrading the armor to 620+ also goes a long ways and the set can double for tanking corrupted expeditions.

 For gems I just went with opals in the armor.

 Attributes are 300 CON / 200 STR.  If you want to spend a lot of time being flung around but have a little more damage you can go 300 STR / 200 CON, but with the Season 1 patch moving the grit passive to 300 CON I am preferring the 300 CON build (with my heavy builds in the past I always went 300 STR because of the grit passive).


 For the weapons I go with Warhammer and Sword and Shield.  For the hammer the key is Trenchant Recovery so you can self heal with heavy attacks.  For Sword the key is life stealing and shield you want the corrupted ward.

 The weapon builds are focused on defense and gaining life. Don't overthink it; there is a lot of flexibility here as long as you get the parts of the trees that boost defense and life gain.  I use Path of Destiny on my hammer because I have a hammer with Leeching Path of Destiny perk.

new world hammer build
Warhammer Build

new world sns build
Sword and Shield Build


To go with the armor and weapons you will want the following consumables:

  • Corruption Tinctures (I use Strong as its the most cost effective) - this stops the damage ticks from corruption (my tincture running out in a bad spot is the only reason I am at risk of death).  These only last 5 minutes regardless of level so take lots of them.  Note: if a group clears the portals then the corruption is not active until the portals respawn so no need to use tinctures if the portals are cleared.  Also read below on a spot you can sit between kills that is safe from corruption all the time.
  • Infused Health and Regeneration potions; don't use many as you heal mostly from your attacks but good to have in a pinch and if you end up with more than one group of enemies (you can tank quite a bit at once with this build).
  • Hearty Meals.  They are cheap and I eat one before each kill for a little bit of healing.
  • Carrot Cake.  It is the cheapest attribute food for STR/CON and I always seem to forget to bring enough so I get them in bulk!

 Where/what to farm?

 Simple: Disciple of Disorder in Myrkgard is the only enemy that drops Infernus.  Fast travel to the Tempest Heart shrine and it's a quick jaunt over some stairs and down to where Disciple of Disorder spawns.

 There is approximately a 5-6 minute respawn time.  In-between respawns I either do PvP arenas, recall to the house, or wander around Myrkgard farming other stuff/opening elite chests.

location of disciple of disorder new world
Map from linked website

Fight Mechanics

 The fight is straightforward.  Disciple of Disorder spawns waves of hound minions, but with your ward armor, 300 CON, and Trenchant Recovery and life steel on abilities you should be near full health the entire fight (remember to use corruption tincture or the corruption ticks will make it a lot harder to stay alive).

 My normal rotation is Shockwave followed by heavy attacks with the hammer.  I use Clear Out if I get surrounded by the hounds.  I throw in a Path of Destiny if a group of hounds are lined up (it can really charge up your heartrune).  Then I use Detonate whenever I can to speed up the fight but be careful as you take extra damage while using it.  I try to dodge the knockdown waves.  Dodging (so I don't have full stamina) also increases my damage due to my runeglass gem on my hammer and also triggers shirking fortification.

 I only swap to my sword when I am bored with hammer or if I end up with a bunch of extra adds that need to be blocked.

Safe spot from corruption

 There is a spot where you can sit up on a rock between a wall and a house right next to Disciple of Disorder that does not tick corruption.  Note: you cannot fight Disciple in this spot; it will leash and reset.  You will also aggro Disciple and the other corrupted that spawn here so it's not safe safe; just safe from corruption ticks between kills.

 See the screenshot below for the spot:

new world safe spot myrkgard
Safe spot!

Current Gear

new world myrkgard farm build
All my gear for farming Myrkgard and for Infernus!

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