Friday, May 12, 2023

New World Hardcore?

new world hardcore mode
 With the recent buzz around hardcore play in World of Warcraft Classic hardcore it has folks in the New World community talking about alternate game modes.  Of course hardcore (if your character dies its deleted) is the mode that occupies mindshare, but I want to propose a different game mode for New World I'd like to see.

 I call this game mode "Open New World".  The key changes:

  • No instanced content (no Outpost Rush, no PvP arenas, no Expeditions, no Trials)
  • Factions are optional (i.e. players are not required to join a faction)
  • If a player joins a faction; PvP is always on

 The big change here is "no instanced content".  I really enjoy New World's open world content.  I love looping around the open world and doing stuff.  I don't dislike the instanced content but wish there was more content in the open world and more players there doing it.  Removing instanced content will force players into the open world.

 Now that we have players forced into the open world let's enable PvP by making it so joining a faction is electing to be always-on for PvP.  Players can remain faction-less if they don't want to PvP and companies can be either factionless or faction (if faction; all members must be in the same faction).

 Some other changes to go with this:

  • Make it so certain resources can only be gathered by faction players so that players compete over resources at the top end.
  • Update fort captures to be events that encourage players to show up (basically an OPR replacement)
    • Move OPR caches to fort capture as rewards
  • Update Elite POIs to have mutations and have former expedition rewards (expedition replacement)
    • Rewards scale off players in the area; the more players the less the rewards

I'd play this version of the game in a heartbeat :)  Would you?  Leave a comment.


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