Saturday, August 06, 2005

Aug 6th, 2005 - Required Reading

The real impacft of video games. A discussion of the morality of gaming and its effects on youth.

Highlight :
But aren't critics right to worry that gaming might make people violent? Hardly a week goes by in which a game is not blamed for inspiring someone to commit a violent crime. After all, say critics, acting out violent behaviour in a game is very different from passively watching it in a film. Yet surveys of studies into games and violence have produced inconclusive results, notes Dmitri Williams, who specialises in studying the social impact of media at the University of Illinois. And, in a paper on the subject published in June in Communication Monographs, he notes that such research typically has serious shortcomings.

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  1. My take on it is this. I take my agression out in the game. I drive like a maniac and destroy property in the game thus lowering my chances of doing it for real. If I did not have Juiced, Flatout, NFSU2...........I'd be in jail. hehe

  2. Ha true... for an adult.

    Children are a bit different.


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