Friday, August 12, 2005


Not only do I play games, but I am also an avid NFL fan. My team? The Green Bay Packers. Green and gold runs in my blood. Packer football is what I was born and raised on! So why am I here on a gaming blog to speak about Eagles' wide receiver Terrel Owens? Because I want to connect some dots for everyone.

Yesterday, Owens was kicked out of training camp for a week for not being a team player, arguing with the head coach, and telling the offensive coordinator not to speak to him. Last year, by mid-season, Owens could be seen on the sideline arguing with McNabb, the Eagles' quarterback.

None of this surprising. When Owens was picked up a year ago by the Eagles I knew it was only a matter of time before Owens would return to being the greedy and selfish player he is. After all, that is why San Francisco got rid of him in the first place.

Moving on, Owens shares the same agent as Javon Walker, wide receiver for my beloved Packers. Javon Walker had a break out year last year and now believes he deserves more money. Both Owens and Walker decided to hold out at the start of training camp from their respective teams. However, Walker is now practicing with the team and there is no controversy left in Green Bay.

I blame their agent for the hold outs, but I won't blame the agent for Owens actions on the practice field. There is a reason why Walker is playing and practicing, and why Owens is QQ'ing in his driveway.

Donovan McNabb has sat by and defended Owens actions; even after Owens called McNabb out and took uncalled-for pot shots at his him. McNabb continually sat back saying that Owens needed to take care of numero uno and that his relationship with Owens was "fine".

What now McNabb? Owens doesn't want anything to do with the Eagles as a team. He never did. Everything was great when Owens was getting the ball, but when he wasn't, he took it out on you. Keyshawn Johnson, another loud mouth NFL reciever, made the words, "Give me the damn ball!", famous and we all know how far that took his career.

Flip over to the Packers now. Brett Favre, the undisputed leader of the Packers as a team, came out and publicly blasted Javon Walker for holding out and not honoring his contract. Donovan McNabb, facing a similar situation with Owens, came out and berated Favre, saying that Favre needed to stay out of other player's salary disputes.

Take a clue here McNabb. Favre came out as the LEADER of his team and put his foot down on a bad situation. He sent a message to Walker, reminding who's team he plays on and who will be giving him the damn ball. He put public pressure on a player who somehow thought that salaries came before the team. Walker will learn; if you put the team first the salary will come.

McNabb sent a message to Owens: "I like it!!! Give me more!". McNabb now has a team in a media circus and the Eagles will suffer because of it. McNabb had the chance to stop this situation before it escalated. McNabb needed to step up and tell Owens to get his ass in camp and show the team he was worth the extra money. After all, Owens was one of the highest paid wide receivers in 2004, with over 10 million earned in bonuses alone.

McNabb, as the leader of his team, should have reminded Owens that football was played by a team.

Update: 15 July 2008 - Edited post and labels.

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