Thursday, August 25, 2005

I love the smell of Dire Maul in the morning

Another tribute run. Another fun adventure.

First we started with finding out our warrior spoke NO English. Then we found out our rogue had never been to DM before and thought he was suppose to pull right away. We survived, but I instantly turned on babysitter mode.

No matter how hard we tried we could not convince the warrior to stop attacking the named guards. No English comprehension = bad. So we just let him die every time. Then came the end boss... and the pull right before getting there. You can choose to pull the three on the left or the two on the right... and last time I check two was less than three.

Sadly our rogue forgot what left and right was... pulled the wrong side and found out that the hyenas can see him in stealth. Wipe. Now this is normal for any pick up group I am in... but most of the time we manage to finish DM anyways. I won't be giving up now!

BAM! OWNED! SMOKED! Blizzard /slaps you with a trout.

I died, disconnected, and popped up at the Alterac Valley portal. This is the point where I would normally hurt my cat... but... anyways.

30 minutes later I was back at DM. We killed the end boss no problems... and of course the loot stunk. That is my WoW life. Thanks for reading.

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