Monday, August 29, 2005

Required reading - 29 Aug 05

From my good ole' buddy Grimwell over at Wanted to focus on one quote I found very insightful and promising for MMOs.
Grimwell: What range of levels will the content cover in this expansion? Will it focus only on the high level characters, or will there be something for everyone at every level?

Shawn: While the full range of levels is covered, it won't be equal; the support will be proportional to the population of the game, so it will tip to the high end of the game (as most veteran players will be of high level). Any new quest arcs will fit into existing areas and arcs. Since WoW takes players on a deliberate path through the levels in specific areas, any new quests need to take advantage of these areas and pair up with existing content instead of making new areas for the same level range and moving or splitting up the player population.

Well first off... woohoo expansion! The good news is that it seems they are going to get it right for once. Not adding just more landmass, but using the expansion as a means to fill in the current world. This allows new areas to mainly be built for level 60 content. I feel this is the way to go... no more EQ syndrome expansions that result in 50% more land to explore.

While I love exploring in WoW, I love the current world and don't feel more land would fit without destroying what we have. Sending us on quests through the same areas on new story arcs is better.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Wohoo, expansion! In late 2006 ...

    I really don't understand why that isn't late 2005. An expansion this christmas would have been like a license to print money. Two years until the first expansion is long, a lot of players might have wandered off until then.

  2. Blizzard isn't about great timing... usually anyways. Getting it right is more important than rushing it out.


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