Wednesday, February 01, 2006

0.3 and beyond!

I came to a realization today in EVE Online that I created my character wrong. I followed this Arsclan guide. While this is a great guide it omits one very important step in the character building process

After the first three selections in building your skills you are prompted with Advanced Command, Starship Captain, and another one I forgot the name of. The guide stops with Command being your last choice which is the third choice. It does not mention what to pick at the 4th selection. Applying my common sense I chose Advanced Command as my 4th selection because the guide says to pick command last. I needed to take Starship Captain!

Well that has now set me back about 5 days worth of skill training just to get my Racial Frigate up to level 4 and Starship Command up to level 3. I instead have a leadership skill at level 3 which I will not be using anytime soon.

While this is not terrible or end of the world type stuff... it is still a setback of time I could spend training my learning skills higher. I could just get my learning skills higher, but I want a better ship sooner than later. Within a couple days I should have a much larger and better ship.


I also ventured into 0.3 (low security) space today for the first time. I ran a quick drop off mission for a few thousand ISK and the six jumps were uneventful. While in 0.3 I decided to do some mining to see what sort of possibly better ore I could find.

During my quick mining stop I was attacked by a pirate. It was taking me down, but I was able to do a good bit of damage to it. Unfortunately if I had stuck around I would of lost. It was a much larger ship than mine, but I held my own. Luckily I had just filled my cargo hold full of ore and was able to warp away in time. I didn't make much more than a single mission would of netted me, but it was fun and a learning experience.

Now I really need to get frisky and venture out into some 0.0 space!


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    By the way, if you click on those various choices during the character creation, it shows you on the right (in little tiny print) what skills you get with that choice so it helps a little to not choose something you don't want. Regardless, good catch.

  2. Well yes that is good now that I know what skills are good :P Didn't know better when I started -_o


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