Friday, February 17, 2006

Joining a corporation in EVE Online

Joining a corporation in EVE Online is very similar to applying for a job in real life. Accepting an offer of employment and showing up for the first day is also comparable to its real life counterpart. This is a story of my first day "on the job" in EVE Online as a member of Ars Caelestis corporation (refered to as a "corp" from this point on).

Accepting the Offer

Ethic of Kill Ten Rats vouched for me to be admitted into Ars Caelestis and the AC folks were glad to accept me. It was in a bit of a hurry up as there was a convoy heading out to 0.0 space to deliver folks to the Huzzah federations station.

Now there is thousands of systems in EVE Online and unfortunately 0.0 space is labeled with all sorts of number and letter combinations. I would love to tell you where I journeyed to and from, but alas I cannot. What I can tell you is that I'm located in Catch region... wherever that is! Haha...

With the offer accepted to join I parted ways with any gear I wouldn't be able to carry with me. This was after all going to be a long trip out to the middle of nowhere. After selling off my industrial ship and all its equipment I was left with just my little Tristan frigate. I un-docked and caught up with Ethic a few systems away.

Setting up the Convoy

Now I don't want to pretend like I understand half of what was being done to set up this convoy. I warped to Ethic and we started a few jumps behind the main force. Ethic was able to get us back in line with the others and before long there was 30 of us waiting around in space to journey out to 0.0 space.

Learning the Basics

As we waited around for the convoy to get organized Ethic took me through some of the basics. It was very "real world" like in the fact that Ethic was just handing me gobs of information (in the form of bookmarks) that I would need to survive in the corp's region of space. On top of this there was the briefing that the convoy leader was kind enough to give to all the people joining that explained the basics of such things as aligning stargates, setting targets, adding the correct waypoints, and the basics of combat target calling.

Overall I was very impressed with the leadership. I wish I could pull names out, but just learning the basics was keeping me plenty of busy.

A Safe Journey

The high point of the journey was when one of our scouts called out a 12 ship formation at the next gate over ventrilo, but unfortunately it was only in jest. It did get the blood flowing for me though as I anticipated my first EVE Online PvP encounter. While it would of been fun to get into a battle I know I was ill equipped in a very weak ship.

The trip was long, but with all the stopping and aligning required you stay quite busy. There is still plenty of time to chat away in various chat channels so it was a rather enjoyable experience. Without friends though I could see myself getting bored on future trips.

Moving On

From here on out it is just more skill training for me. There is really nothing I can do in 0.0 space, but I now have a jump clone installed for future quick traveling. The next goal is to get back up into empire (0.5 - 1.0 security space) to continue learning the game along with raking in cash.

The future looks bright for me in EVE Online!

Update: 29 Nov, 2009 - Edited post, corrected spelling, removed broken links, and applied labels.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Just a small note, assuming you don't have implants, you can move your clone back to empire, then undock in a shuttle, and set your ship and pod to self-destruct.

    This will get you back to empire in a few minutes. Don't forget to re-buy your clone! Since you remebered to set up a jump clone in Huzzah space, when you want to come back down, you just active the clone and whoosh! you're back. This has the side effect of leaving a clone behind for you to return to. Plan ahead as you can only clone jump once a day.

    Welome to Ars Caelestis.
    The future is exciting.

    Ars Caelestis Public Relations Direcetor

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Not to get too technical but "Empire" is 0.1-1.0, safe empire 0.5-1.0. Concord still patrols 0.1 its just that response time in more like "we'll wait at the gate for this guy".
    Think of it this way, anything over 0.0 is Empire space, 0.0 is alliance space.
    That sounds like a great first day mate. Keep it up.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I've been living in 0.0 for so long now that "Empire" has become anywhere not 0.0 to me. :)

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    "There is really nothing I can do in 0.0 space"

    Not true my friend, there is plenty you can do. From picking up rat loot to joining a gang as a tackler, a new player can find things to do no problem, just ask in corp chat.


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