Thursday, August 17, 2006

Forget Snakes on a Plane... I have Ants in My Mailbox

If anybody remembers back to my "Another Invasion..." post you probably can guess what this post is all about. Yesterday my wife headed out to the mailbox to grab the mail, but that is not what she found. There seemed to be a massive crawling mass inside the box.

As I ventured out to see what this mess was I pretty figured I already knew. It was ants. Not just a few, but a lot. These are not the type of ants that build anthills. These are the nesting type of ants that find any place they can to leave their eggs sitting around. We assume they are in our walls and all around our house, but we never figured they would invade our mailbox.

The mail was literally covered with ants when I made it to the box. I quickly grabbed the mail and shook the ants off. Quite a few had made it onto my arm, but were quickly brushed away. Of course I was out of RAID and the rest of my ant killing devices. After all its been a long war and the supply line to Home Depot has been congested with high traffic.

Later that evening it was off to Home Depot and luckily we ran into a representative for one of the pesticide companies who was stocking the shelves. We have a new product that was just released for the fall season that is supposedly "kick ass". I also picked up my favorite can of RAID Ant & Roach killer.

Armed with my trusty RAID I cleared out the mail box in a single spray. Up and down and all around I continued to ensure they wouldn't make a return. That was last night. Today I returned to wipe the box clean. I have never seen such a massive lump of dead ants and ant eggs before in my life. All I care though is that they are making great fertilizer now.

The fight is tough, but I plan to win.

Update: 5 Aug, 2009 - Edited post, applied label.


  1. I like your writing style but I don't think a pile of dead ants and ant eggs is great fertilizer. You've sprayed, probably over-sprayed, them with a pesticide. That's great fertilizer?

    I have this ant-in-the-mailbox problem too but I am still looking for a solution...


    John L

  2. Heh, I guess you are sort of right, but I have bearded iris', lambs ear, and a holly planted around and beneath the box and the overdose of RAID didn't seem to hurt them.

    So far RAID has been the only thing that kills them reliably and keeps them away for a period of time longer than a day.


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