Friday, August 11, 2006

I should really start a political blog for this...

...but I'm not going to waste my precious time with creating a new blog just to vent a little bit about politics and the general political atmosphere of the Internet. It is no secret that the Internet has become overrun with far left democrat loud mouths who feel a few thousand hits to their blog turns their opinions into fact. I shouldn't say the net is smothered by these whacko's, but I must say that they are abusing any tool they can to promote their ill will.

Case in point...'s addition of a World and Business section which just so happens to include Political News and Political Opinion. There is a problem though... the liberal agenda can't seem to understand the difference between News and Opinion. I would link to some articles, but it is by far not worth the effort.

The problem is even larger than just throwing around partisan politics as news. is a website that has grown from Tech News into All News. The liberal political blogosphere is spearheading the abuse of the Digg system to deny fair and balanced coverage. It is a true reflection of mainstream media in America which is dominated by the pundits for the liberal agenda. Whoever said the Internet would deliver political freedom was dead wrong. It has provided a system for those who yell the loudest to oppress the rest of us that don't agree.

Since I am a large fan of it pains me to see the Digg community so one sided in political debate. Articles that are equivalent to hate speech are passed off as foregone conclusion on the Digg pages. The Digg community is the editor and chief here, but that only goes so far when the community is driven by hate filled individuals. If you don't agree with the haters you are "dugg -1" and soon any iota of balanced debate is destroyed.

On top of this Digg receives visitors from around the world and it is no more evident than in the World and Business section. is an American idea, an American company, and most of all only possible because of America's free will. You would think that such ideals would come accross from the Digg community. They do not.

Most international posters that actively engage in political discussions on Digg are American haters. They hate us. They probably hate you if you are American. Read through any comments on a political news story on right now. Count how many times you hear about how Americans "don't get it". How American's are ignorant.

Yet day in and day out flourishes. A website built on American free spirit, but slowly being occupied by the hate vendors of the world. Maybe people like myself just don't care enough to counterbalance Digg and provide an equal footing for our ideals. Maybe for people like me Digg is best left as just another news site rather than a revolution in Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking only works when everyone's voice can be heard.


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Don't you mean far LEFT sites?

    And don't argue with moonbats, they're just nuts, it's futile.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    You think mainstream media is liberal? fair and balanced coverage is just a bs marketing term so Fox can push a conservative agenda. And fox is mainstream news - CNN, MSNBC follow thier lead now.

    My guess is if Digg is leaning left, it is as much as Fox leans right.

    Get over yourself.

    I used to check you blog out for gaming info. With this rant, I am done.

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    The problem isn't a far left problem. The problem isn't a far right problem. The problem is: neither side argues a point. They push dogma. Political discussion in this country is reduced to both sides screaming at each other and at us.

  4. Anonymous5:17 AM

    No-one ever changed anyone's mind on the internet. I find not burning myself out trying makes for a happier online existence, all in all. :)

  5. Thats why I don't have a political blog :P I just bitch about it here from time to time.

  6. Anonymous3:12 PM

    What a baby you are, get over yourself. Just beacuse far right zealots (usually racist) like yourself don't like something you cry foul. Well get over yourself, no one cares is you never visit digg again.


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