Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A gamer is married.

So my little AFK is over. I am now a married gamer. A happily married gamer. I haven't touched a videogame in almost a month now due to wedding activities. My little brother on the other hand enjoyed rampaging accross the lands of Azeroth in World of Warcraft. I think he spent more time with his Tauren Warrior than with his soon to be married brother. I dragged him away for quite a few matches of the board game Carcassonne and that was all the gaming I got done. Anyways onto the wedding.

It Rained

The day we were to be married the weather was overcast. Clouds hung in the sky, but for the longest time the rain held off. All morning and afternoon there was no rain in sight and the weather radar looked good. We had an early evening garden wedding outside of a historic inn up in the mountains of North Carolina.

Right as our ceremony began the rain started to trickle. By the time "Here Comes the Bride" began to play the rain was at a medium pace. Everyone held firm and the minister did not speed up one bit to get going faster. The light to medium rain continued throughout the ceremony. We have some GREAT pictures of people hiding under trees in the audience and the lighting actually made for better pictures overall.

Funny thing was as soon as the ceremony ended the rain stopped and the sun came out! By the time formal pictures began the rain was no where to be found. The reception followed and a great night was had by all. I probably drank a bit too much wine, but I remember almost everything. I made sure everyone had a good laugh when not thinking I nearly chugged the entire glass of champagne we drank before the cake cutting. My wife elbowed me to stop. Then after cutting the cake my wife handed me a hardened sugar flower. I thought it was soft and chewy... which I was very wrong about. I didn't know if I should spit it out or keep trying to chew it. Thats when the real laughter started and I had to bear trying to laugh and chew this HARD candy flower.

Jamaica and the amazing Mr. Houdini

Our honeymoon was to Jamaica to an all inclusive resort. If you ever have the chance to enjoy an all inclusive resort I recommend it. For one price you get your entire trip paid for. You can eat as much as you want. You can drink as much as you want. You can do whatever activities they offer for no extra cost. I can't tell you how relaxing that makes the whole experience.

We did some snorkeling while we were there and the ship captain was nick-named "Sponge Bob". His deckhad didn't have a nick-name so he asked for any suggestions at the end of our trip. Since the deckhand kept ducking down into the hull of the boat and popping up to run across the roof and appear on the other side I recommended Houdini. I swear if you didn't keep an eye on him you would think he had a twin stashed on the boat. To my surprise on our next snorkeling trip a couple days later the name, Houdini, had stuck. Later in the day I saw Houdini walking past the beach bar and someone that had been on our trip called out to him with his new nickname. He responded and I was satisfied that I had chosen a good name.

Jamaica was great while we were at the resort. Otherwise the airport sucks, the road trip sucks, and its sad to see what some of the surrounding areas look like. The resorts or dreamy, but the local shanty towns are dumps.

The End


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Welcome to the other side, the married gamer side. Congratulations! We didn't have enough money for a honeymoon so we are planning to make up for it on our tenth anniversary. Coming up fast!

    See you in space...

  2. Good luck :) I am glad we could afford a honeymoon. I'm pretty good with money and she is a financial analyst so we saved a lot before we even met.

    Just remember all inclusive.

  3. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Congrats! May your gaming hours remain undisturbed. :)

    7 year running, and mine are mostly intact.


  4. Anonymous5:33 AM

    when not thinking I nearly chugged the entire glass of champagne we drank before the cake cutting

    Ohhh...that's so...*sniffle*...beautiful! *snork*

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both. :D

  5. Congrats! I've been married for over a year now after 7 years together.

    She still lets me play as long as want, and I still let her complain about it! =)

    Here's to many more years as married gamers!


  6. heh "Sponge Bob". Congrats man.

  7. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Congratulations and welcome back!


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