Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm a Shaman

Hello, I'm Heartless and I'm a Shaman. I'm a conduit of the ancient forces of nature. You are no doubt wondering, "Hey Heartless, how do I hurl bolts of lightning?". Simple, get World of Warcraft dog. You can be anyone you want. I'm Heartless and I'm a Shaman. What's your game?

Now just replace Heartless with William Shatner, throw in some WoW footage, and you would no doubt have a pretty kick ass commercial. Don't worry, Blizzard is way ahead of you.

Oh, and the debate is settled. It is pronounced sh"ah"man, not sh"ay"man. Owned, by Captain Kirk no less.


  1. Hehe good thing I have been pronouncing it right!

  2. When I first encountered the word I pronounced it Sh-ah-man. Then I listened to Shpongle and heard them pronounce it Sh-ay-man, ever since I just say whatever comes into my mind first.

  3. Anonymous5:57 AM

    simon posford (shpongle)is british.. they say everything wrong :)


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