Monday, November 19, 2007


0 - Number of active days left on my Dark Age of Camelot subscription.

1 - The average number of walls a bullet goes through before killing me in Call of Duty 4.

2 - Number of kills I achieved in my first Call of Duty 4 multi-player match. Sadly, I also suffered 32 deaths.

3 - Number of days until my birthday, Thanksgiving, and the next Green Bay Packers game.

20 - Number of deaths I suffer on average in a CoD4 match.

47 - Number of kills I average in an a CoD4 match.

50 - Number of Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley tokens I need in able to purchase arena season one gear for my Shaman in WoW when season three starts later this month.

70 - The level I need to reach in WoW before I can use arena season one gear. I'm currently level 66.

2,637 - Number of points I've scored in Team Fortress 2.

65,250 - The amount of honor needed to attain an entire set of season one arena armor for my Shaman in World of Warcraft.


  1. Also dont forget a TV show on CBS

  2. I was just going to say that pvt. Did you see the recent episode with the MMO? I've been meaning to post something about that.

    Heres mine to add:
    4 - number of hours in the past week spent looking at the EQ2 login and loading screen. (Antonia Bayle is in trouble)

  3. The show is where the title came from, but the show was so laughingly atrocious that I did not want to mention it.

    TV is just really really really bad. Even things like Lost and Heroes boggles my mind. I've watched them. The acting is terrible. The writing is ho-hum. I just don't how any of these shows get watched.

    Aside from interesting shows like Mythbusters, I don't turn the TV on anymore.

  4. And to mention, it is my wife who watches Numbers... being that she is a math fanatic and all that herself.

  5. So, to finish what I wanted to say (damn enter key).

    My wife laughed off the mathematical nonsense when we watched the show, and I laughed off the MMO references.

  6. Anonymous8:38 AM

    the best tv ive seen in the past few years has to be the venture brothers

    70 - the level i had to achieve to finally be max level on one of these games. (ding)


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