Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Return Is Over

I chose a really bad time to get nostalgic about Dark Age of Camelot. Between real life and kick ass new games like Call of Duty 4, I have very little time to dedicate to an MMORPG. Especially one that is six years old and fairly set in it's ways.

I enjoyed the thirty or so hours I put into the game over the last month, but I ended up at the same conclusion I did a few years ago: the genre needs to improve. The genre has grown up and new games do some very basic things very well. Things that DAoC has not improved on over the last six years.

World of Warcraft's controls have honestly spoiled me and I can not seem to adjust backwards to the heavy-handed systems of DAoC. Also, the flexibility of WoW's UI mods trumps any of the custom UI packages available for DAoC. There are tons of other items that I've grown used to and playing DAoC again just made me wish for WoW. There is so much to be said for the little things that WoW managed to get right.

But I don't want to make this a WoW is better than DAoC post. DAoC was the game back in the day and I do not regret the three years I invested into it. In my humble opinion, Realm vs. Realm is still an amazing concept and extremely well implemented throughout DAoC. It is just sad to know that the rest of the game aged like rotten cheese.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted.


  1. Well, if you can find it in yourself, to document what is the differences that you like from WoW better than DAoC, I would be truly interested.

    It's easy to say this does it better, but to quantify it a little makes a difference too.

  2. "It's easy to say this does it better, but to quantify it a little makes a difference too."

    C'mon now thats like saying "please tell me what WoW does better than EQ1"

    Everything? ok done
    I'm not sure how people can be in denial that WoW is truly a more complete and polished game than DAOC in 2007.

  3. That is a bit of a cop-out to just say everything is better. I have some comparisons I would like to make.

    Ack, in the case of EQ1 though, yes, WoW does everything better :P

  4. Well Pvthudson,

    My question wasn't one of those snarky know it all WoW can't be better than wOw snot rags you may normally see on forums.

    I really liked DAoC, but I haven't played it now in a few years, and also have played WoW in a few years either. My question was, what were the real strong points from wow, that stood out that made you go. They HAVE got to add this and or that to DAoC to make the difference.

    And so on.. so I'm really interested in what Heartless has to say.

  5. I played WoW till 6 months before BC came out. Then a couple of months after BC. I loved WoW but I don't know, somewhere along the line I lost interest in it and can't get back the desire to play it. On the other hand I have played EQ2 and left it to come back and got right back into enjoying it. Can't really tell you why EQ2 pulled me back but not WoW.

  6. If you played WoW for 3 years, I think there was something there keeping you entertained. EQ2 probably brings you back more because it has released more new content than WoW.

  7. Definitely agree with you there HG.

    Sometimes its better to look back rather than actually go back.


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