Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking News: Brett Favre Signs With Vikings

All the Favre haters can step down for another year. Favre signs a 2-year deal with the Vikings.
The 39-year-old quarterback turned his back on retirement for the second time in as many years, agreeing Tuesday to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

"I felt I did everything I possibly could do to get where I need to be," Favre said Tuesday. "You're 39, your arm may not feel like it did at 21. But the pieces are in place that you don't have to do that much and I agree with that.

"If they were willing to take that chance, I was, too."
My comment: epic! I love Brett Favre.


  1. I see that smile. I know you're pleased with this turn of events.

  2. Well, he should complete more passes to Packers this way, seeing as how all his interceptions will go to them in at least two games this year

  3. I used to actually like Brett Favre. But I'm sick of all his pathetic drama about retiring ... then not retiring ... then retiring ... then not retiring. He's worse than a freaking boxer. For such a tough guy he sure is a drama queen. Cry me a river, Brett. We all know you hate mini camps and training camps and that you feel you're above taking part in them.

    He should've stayed in GB where he had a better chance of getting to the Super Bowl than he ever had with the Jets or now with the lame-o Vikings.

    You're closer to this than me, but GB gave him an ultimatum: are you going to retire or come back. He dicked around, so they needed to move on and Aaron Rodgers stepped in. There were mini camps, etc. to deal with and to get the team ready for the next season. They were still in tact from just missing going to the SB ... missed it because of Brett's terrible game (and the GB defense being unable to stop Plexiglass Burris).

    If we're to believe the Jets' locker room, Brett sounds like a dick. This latest example is pathetic. He strings the Vikes along all stinking summer. Then camp breaks and who's gonna come out of retirement? Brett Fav-ra! What a shock! Not. There wasn't any competition for QB in Minnesota but I'm guessing good-old Brett steps in as the #1.

    I hope the Pack folds him in half when he plays them at Lambeau. That'd be a neat way to end his consecutive games streak.

    So I didn't used to be a hater ... but now I am. He's done. His performance last year shows this. The Jets were not bad and have more talent than this Vikings team. Starting 8-3 and firmly in control of the AFC East, good old Brett fades down the stretch as the Jets lose 4 out of 5 to miss the playoffs. His numbers in those games?

    34-17 loss vs Denver -- 23-43-247-0-1
    24-14 loss vs San Fran (San Fran?!?!?) -- 20-31-137-0-1
    31-27 win vs Buffalo -- 17-30-207-1-2
    13-3 loss vs Seattle -- 18-31-187-0-2
    24-17 loss vs Miami -- 20-40-233-1-3

    Can you say SUCK? 2 TDs vs 9 INTs???? Now he gets to throw to such All-Pros as Sidney Rice and a flash-in-the-pan Bernard Berrian. And AP wasn't all that much better than what Brett had in his backfield last year ...

    Adrian Peterson -- 1760 yds rushing, 10 TDs; 125 yds receiving, 0 TDs; 4 fumbles lost
    Thomas Jones -- 1312 yds rushing, 13 TDs; 207 yds receiving, 2 TDs; 0 fumbles lost


  4. Hope he can pull out a final Super boWL...

  5. @Krosuss

    There is no doubt Favre had a bad ending last year, but so did the entire Jets team. The running game fell apart, the defense played terrible, and a lot of things were left in Brett's hands that should not have been.

    That is why Mangini was canned as the Jets coach. He was unable to control the collapse of his entire team.

    To lay it all on Favre is the easy out.

    Secondly, Favre isn't the one making the big deal about his flip-flopping. His line has always been that he wants to play and that it takes him time to decide. The media is the one that has pressured him for answers instead of letting him sit at undecided.

    Also, remember, it is the Vikings (as with the Jets) that sought Favre out. Favre did not come to them begging for a starting job.

    I understand how people throw it Favre's feet, but the guy has done nothing but wanted to play and no one seems to be able to leave him alone to do just that.

    BTW, Favre did better than the majority of the league at the QB position last year. The man can still play.

  6. Favre can still play, I just don't see him being anywhere near the level we all loved him at back pre-1999.

    It's hard not to like him ... he's hardworking, tough, seems honest enough. You can tell he just loves to play. And it shows. If there was one player who should've started and ended his career on the same team, it was him. But then again Joe Montana didn't get to do that either.

    We shall see what happens. He most definitely makes the Vikes a much better team. If those no-name receivers can step up you never know. We know what A-Pete will do. The NFC North is not a good division so unless Green Bay bounces back or the Bears finally have some offense, the Vikes should be able to take it.

    I agree with you on the press ... they sure know how to over inflate, over report, and basically make things a bigger deal than they are. I hope -- to no avail -- that they'll let it go next year. But we can't be that lucky.

  7. Nah, ESPN needs Favre for the ratings draw.

  8. I hope Favre steps it up this season and does well for his team.


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