Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Fortress 2: FLUFF

A new Team Fortress 2 update has been thrown down the proverbial bowling alley that is the Valve development pipeline:
A surprise new TF2 update has arrived, and it has absolutely no class. In fact, it’s about as daft an update as you could hope for, with Day 1’s offerings giving you eighteen new hats, and a new Arena map. “After setting a new standard for Lack of Class in an FPS with the addition of Jarate (the jar-based Karate),” explains the TF2 blog, “we’ve raised the bar on lowering the tone even further with the first ever Classless Update!”
Hats? Fluff, absolute fluff! Who would have ever guessed that we would be discussing FLUFF for a first person shooter? More importantly, who would've guessed we'd actually like the FLUFF!



  1. I have yet to find a single hat. The entire game is broken, and the world is full of ashen tears.

  2. I don't mind the occasional fluffy update. Besides, I was wondering when we were going to see an actual hat that FITS the Pyro. Plus, they have King of the Hill updates now.

    Valve is doing okay by me. Unlike Ubisoft, which seems to just let products that stop working fall away and cover it up so they don't get in shit for it.

    I'm saddened by Ubisoft... I would've expected better from a company with three studios in my country.


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