Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Chronicles of Spellborn Photo Album

Typing one-handed while holding a baby is tough. So, here are some screen shots from my time in The Chronicles of Spellborn.


  1. Hey new daddy, how do you have time and energy for gaming with a new baby? Did you take paternity leave too?

    How's Spellborn for the typical solo leveling situation? It's pretty enough. You've played enough of the games I've enjoyed and are styles are somewhat similar so what's the skinnny on Spellborn?

  2. Ha, these were taken before the baby arrived :P The only thing me and baby do together is sleep :) I took a week off of work.

    Leveling feels slow in Spellborn, but it is completely solable. There is a TON of players now it seems. Even on weekday mornings, I was running into players.

    A lot of chatter from new players in /zone chat as well.


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