Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mythos : Something is coming...

All it took was one massive tweet via Redbana's MYTHOSGAME Twitter feed:
Something is coming...
What that is, no one knows. However, is pointed out as the place to go find out.


My guess is that we'll finally get to see a re-branded Mythos. Hopefully free-to-play, and hopefully minus the Overworld.


  1. Well, that's viral marketing for you...

    Never heard of Mythos, personally.

  2. Mythos was a testbed for Hellgate: London's multiplayer technology. Mythos was released for free and spun off into its own free-to-play game (with no ads or micro-transactions!). Mythos was a fun idea, but who knows what they will do with it now.

  3. Ooooh - thanks for the link. I was looking forward to Mythos back before things went all screwy.

  4. Graktar6:10 PM

    Well, Mythos was never released, it was still in beta testing when Flagship crashed and burned. It was fairly easy to get into the beta though, and the game was a fun romp.

    As far as I know, nobody from the original Mythos team has anything to do with the rebranded Mythos, so I don't exactly have high hopes. The original Mythos team's latest offering, Torchlight(?), seems more interesting at the moment anyhow.


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