Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DDO: Class recommendation for a new player?

With the discussion around DDO character builds still swirling, I figured I would ask for input from the general audience about what character I should play? I don't want to waste any time messing with building one myself, so I am sort of looking for a complete 28-point build.

I am a D&D veteran and can understand most of the slang. My current preference in play-style hovers more towards melee classes. I don't need to be top DPS, but DPS is still important. I'd rather have more utility than just outputting DPS. I would like to try avoid Cleric builds, but I am open to anything currently.

Comment away!


  1. I'd probably say that as long as you have a group, just a plain fighter would work fine. Or Ranger, moving more towards the dual-wielding melee ranger than the archetypical bowman. Clerics can also be a strong melee class, especially when multiclassed with Fighter. Barbarian might be kinda cool as well, although I've never played one either in DDO or on the tabletop (bad memories from the Unearthed Arcana days!)

    Remember that DDO uses 3.0 multiclassing rules, which means you can multiclass very easily. Truth be told, DDO probably has more options to customize your character's abilities than just about any other MMO - and certainly more than any other class/level-based fantasy MMO.

    Barbarian with a few levels in Sorcerer to simulate shamanic abilities would be a neat combo, as would a Gray Mouser-type fighter/thief, which incidentally fits pretty nicely into DDO's city-centered Eberron. Or a swashbuckler-y melee fighter (Ranger, probably,) who dabbles in the arcane on the side for utility spells.

    Great, now this has me pondering more character ideas.

  2. Cleric allows you to solo a ridiculous amount of the early/mid game if you play it right.

  3. Fighter seems really strong and highly survivable.

    So far groups have either had no cleric or a cleric who doesn't heal much so my Dwarf Fighter with 60 hit points feels a lot stronger than my 30 hit point Ranger.

    If you do succumb to the powergamer temptation of playing a Cleric try to always get at least one other cleric in your group. Seems so far like it's hard to keep up solo.

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    WoW Unearthed Arcana...my first experience with the Cavalier.

  5. I remember my first experience with tabletop D7D in the Ebberon setting. We had a Warforged cleric leading the party and he was our DPS, Heals, and Tank! My poor fighter was so gimp in comparison :(

    But then again, that's D&D for ya.

    I like the Ranger ideas. I played a TWF Ranger for the NWN2 single-player campaign. Or maybe a TWF Fighter/Rogue.

    I get all giddy inside when I start thinking of class combos for D&D inspired games.

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I am NOT new to the DnD genre. Having played paper before computers and my very first DnD video game was Pools of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds in the mid 80's...however much has changed.
    Is a Cleric/Thief viable and with DDO max. level 20, what would a good split look like. Would this work in endgame?


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