Sunday, September 06, 2009

Favre, Magician, The Chronicles of Spellborn

I love character creation in MMOs. Even if the system (WoW) is very limiting or expansive (CoX), I love spending time making a character I get to watch for potentially hundreds of hours! I rolled a new toon, Favre the Magician, in The Chronicles of Spellborn and I wanted to show him off:

What about everyone else? Are you proud of your character creations or are you clicking as fast as possible to get to the game?

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  1. Bhagpuss12:18 PM

    I used to really love character creation. I would spend hours on it, literally.

    Somewhere along the line, though, I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for it and now see it more as a chore than a pleasure. It wasn't a conscious decision. I think after thirty years of it, the shine just gradually wore off.


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