Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Favre Cracks a Block and maybe a Rib

Brett Favre is in a bit of hot water this morning after throwing a potential career ending crack-back block last in the Vikings vs. Texans preseason game.
The 39-year-old quarterback drew a penalty for an illegal crackback block to the knee of Houston's Eugene Wilson when he lined up wide in the wildcat formation in the third quarter. Wilson was injured on the play, but said he'll be OK.

Favre said he wasn't out to hurt anyone and was simply trying to protect rookie Percy Harvin, who took the snap.
Fortunately for Favre, his coach is taking the blame:
Vikings coach Brad Childress said he hadn't seen the block, but had a lot to say about it.

"I have not spent a lot of time with him blocking in the last 10 days," Childress said. "Nor do I think he has spent any time doing any blocking, but I will in the future if he is going to be at the point of attack. I don't think he did any of this down in Mississippi either. So that one is on me, I will take that one."
Childress should be the one to blame. It was the dumbest formation a Favre-lead offense could ever possibly be in. It would have been ironic justice had Favre been seriously injured on that play. Even as a Favre fan, I cannot defend that block in any shape or form.

And maybe there is justice in the universe as Favre may have a broken rib:
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre says he might have a cracked rib.

Favre told ESPN before Monday night's game at Houston that he hasn't received an official diagnosis but that taking a deep breath caused him some discomfort. He also doesn't plan to wear any kind of special padding, saying "the damage is done."
Its going to be an interesting season. As Terrell Owens once said; "get your popcorn ready".


  1. The block was illegal and it looked really bad but I don't believe it was intentional. I think he was afraid of getting hurt so he lame-ducked it.

    My real question is for the idiot that called a play the put Favre in the position of needing to block at all. In PRE-SEASON of all things. Stupid play call.

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Exactly, knee-level back-first block so he doesn't get hurt - what a pussy move. It's not like any penalty, money or suspension will hurt him or the team. Fortunately the Texan player wasn't injured. I hope Favre is healthy enough to play next time they face the Texans.

  3. I watched the video yesterday multiple times. Favre didn't need to go low ... could have easily hit the guy square in the shoulders and he still wouldn't have made the tackle. Instead ... he goes low for the knees. Having played football that is what we call a DICK move.

    Having posted about Favre here before ... now I really hope he gets levelled this season. I can't stand this kind of play and am surprised he would do this. But after he layed down for Strahan to get the single-season sack record ... I guess it shouldn't surprise me.


    On a brighter note are you playing Champions?

  4. No. I've chosen not to pay for new games until they come out and PROVE they are worth the $50 and monthly recurring sub (if applicable). I am sticking to free games such as The Chronicles of Spellborn.

    Favre's play is indefensible, but I wouldn't call it a DICK move. He showed no signs it was intentional. He made a dumb move in a situation he should never have been in.

  5. That's what I mean ... he should know better. Heck, he didn't even have to lean a shoulder into him, he could've just nudged him a bit. As far as it being a dick move ... he should know better being a QB with guys lunging at his legs for 10+ years. Some things, as a football player, you know not to do.

    Childress worked under Andy Reid ... so splitting out Favre like that doesn't surprise me even though it wasn't really a smart thing to do.

    Speaking of free games ... what do you know about Perfect World?

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM

    it's kind of like how really old people shouldn't drive, they end up getting in accidents an injure people. Farve is going to throw a bullshit block like that, and then blame it on being "rusty" after he sits out training camp, bullshitting everyone about his retirement is pretty much bullshit. I hope when the Vikings play the Bears Lance Briggs puts an end to this Farve bullshit.

  7. I don't think he blamed it on being rusty. He blamed it on just being in a dumb situation where he made a dumb decision.


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