Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steam Update Incoming

Valve has released a beta version of the new Steam client:
As of today, a new version of Steam is available through a public opt-in beta, open to all Steam users. This Steam update provides several major upgrades to the platform's core functionality. We've overhauled the Steam user interface to enhance the way you already buy and play games, adding more info about the things that matter — getting games, playing them with friends, and staying current in the gaming world.

If you already have Steam installed on your computer, you can take part in the beta by clicking this link and then selecting "2010 UI Update" under Beta Participation. If you don't have Steam installed, download it today.
I'll update this post to leave my impressions tonight when I am back at home.


I've installed the update. It looks very clean. The major difference can be noticed on the My Games screen, where the ugly old list of games has been replaced by a fancy new list of games. When a game's name is clicked on the new list, a basic description, screenshot, handy list of links, and your total playtime for that game is displayed. For example, Left 4 Dead 2 from my Steam install:


Unfortunately, not all areas were given the once over for a new visual look.  The Steam community page is still its same old self.  Hopefully Valve will look into giving a bit of new spin to that page at some point (it needs it).

Overall I like the new look.  

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