Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Call of the Wild: The Angler - THE CHALLENGER UPDATE, COMING 31/10

 Call of the Wild: The Angler has revealed its first major update set to release October 31st.  See the full details here. Here are my thoughts.

Two changes jumped out at me with this update:

  • Daily & Weekly Challenges: Put your skills to the test and earn XP by completing periodical challenges. Bragging rights included!
  • Activity Feed: Who caught that massive fish? With the activity feed, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest happening in your multiplayer session.

 We'll comment on the activity feed first. This was a clear miss for launch in my book.  Fishing is about bragging and the fact you couldn't see what others were catching in a multiplayer match meant you had to figure out other ways to share the info which most often meant you didn't share anything.  Now they just need to get around to adding chat so we can comment and brag in game.  Community supported in-game tournaments will be much more feasible now!

 The challenges will be a good addition as currently there is very little incentive for players to log in.  With that said the challenges won't solve the problem by themselves.  There are more notes in the update about how progression will change because of the challenges rewarding experience so will have to see how all the changes fit together.  I will at least log in the first few days/weeks to check the challenges out!

 There are also multiple visual improvements in the notes.  Boats will now react to waves, fishing line will look more natural, and water will look better (a constant challenge I think this game will face with every update).  Most important though: The animation of the fish is now more accurate to reflect the speed of movement.  Fish got faster in a recent hotfix but the animations felt off and this change should hopefully put that to rest.

 Looking forward to giving this a spin 10/31.  Are you planning a fishing trip as well?  Leave a comment.

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