Saturday, October 22, 2022

Some Screenshots from Brimstone Sands

 I am away this weekend camping in the real world MMO.  Enjoy some of my screenshots from my brief adventures in Brimstone Sands!

And here we go... after unlocking the quest to access the zone.

SQUISH! Small scorpions get squished by running over them.

A cozy camp.

O_O This legendary rapier was a quest reward for one of the first quests!

More legendary quest rewards!

I swear there was a giant sand worm in this picture when I took it!

Amazing atmosphere in the desert.

A tower to explore (have not gone in yet!)

The main city.

A pool in the main city.

Amazing places to be found in every nook and cranny; or canyon in this case.

And last, and not part of Brimstone Sands, but this is the new facade for Monarch's Bluff

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