Friday, October 07, 2022

New World: 3v3 PvP Arena Queues Split Solo vs Group

 A sneaky patch note landed in patch 1.6.7 from New World this week.

  • 3v3 Arenas

    • Groups of three entering 3v3 Arenas are now placed into a separate queue with teams of the same size. This will help prevent matches between premade groups and teams made up of solo players.

This caught the community by surprise as this sort of change is not normally made in these small, usually just bug fix, patches.  Rumor also has it that the change was not in the original notes and was added later; leading to speculation it was accidentally released.  Either way it is a nice change to have!

I jumped in last night and gave the solo queue a whirl and my arena experience was night and day difference.  I had far more enjoyable matches and the queue was popping much faster.  Previously I always seemed to get stuck against premade groups and after a couple of rounds of getting thumped would quit arenas.  I suspect many others did this as well because in the solo queue the wait time between matches was seconds vs my previous experience of minutes.

With the good does come the bad though.  Getting matched with random players against random players does mean sometimes you get terrible group comps while the opposing team will land on ideal comps.  The presence of a single healer on one side still almost guarantees a win (healing is very strong in PvP).  But I'll take this over the old system of getting beat down by premade groups.

What are your thoughts?  Were you a sweaty premade group player that can't farm the newbs like myself anymore?  Comment!

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