Friday, June 02, 2023

New (World) Ideas: Azoth Bottling

new world ideas
  New (World) Ideas is a series of posts in which I present small changes that New World could make that would improve the game.

 Azoth is supposedly what makes Aeternum the magical place that it is.  It is the essence that allows players, monsters, and animals to continually come back to life in New World.  It is used in all sorts of activities (fast travel, crafting, etc), but with a cap of 1,000 azoth at any one given time it is also a resource player's never seem to have enough of when it is needed most.

 Fortunately players can buy and sell Vials of Bottled Azoth which when salvaged grant 50 azoth. Unfortunately players do not do the actual bottling of the azoth.  Bottled azoth is randomly dropped from enemies or given as rewards for quests and opening various chests.

 New idea: let players bottle their own azoth.  When a player hits 1,000 azoth they start losing out on future azoth gains and for many players who don't craft there is little use for azoth so they end up hovering around 1,000 azoth.  Ideally players could bottle up that azoth and sell it.  Then the developers can remove vials from various drop tables and the main avenue is from players bottling azoth.

 Bonus idea: let players obtain a housing item that slowly bottles azoth out of thin air and they can get a little bonus for having a house and an azoth bottler.

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