Thursday, June 29, 2023

No Vehicles in Starfield Confirmed

 Sadly it has been confirmed there will be no land vehicles in Starfield.

 Starfield front man, Todd Howard, was answering a number of questions when asked if there would be any land vehicles for getting around on a planet’s surface. “There is not,” he said. “We do design it, we’ve seen this with our other games where we wanna design it where it feels good on foot, but we do have the boost pack, you have skills for the boost pack, so the boost pack almost acts like this vehicle, super fun, where you can fly through, and then the low gravity planets are really something special.”

Bummer, but he did add in:

“We have a lot of biomes – we do look at temperature, we look at the radiation, and we look at all of those things on a planet so that your suit and your protection… you can get certain ailments if you’re not ready, and certain weather things can come through with all of that.”

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