Wednesday, June 21, 2023

New World Major Trophy Grind (Guide)

 With the upcoming Season 2 changes for New World there will be new "ultimate" trophies that let players combine their major trophies into a single ultimate trophy that can be placed  in one house (5 trophies in 1 trophy slot).  Effectively this will let players never have to swap trophies again as they can just combine all major trophies together and slot them in their houses.

 This is a huge quality of life change but it is coming with a cost (45,000 gold and 90,000 faction tokens per ultimate trophy + the cost of the major trophies themselves which are 10-20,000 gold each themselves).  

 So in typical MMO grind fashion I've now made it my mission to grind the major trophies out (helpful guide posted here) so I can be ready to grind the gold and faction for the ultimate trophy when Season 2 drops.  This will be hundreds of thousands of gold and/or hundreds of hours of grinding.

 The irony I am finding as I venture into this is that farming for the trophy materials is significantly less efficient than just farming materials to sell.  I tried to get the corrupted trophy material but its so annoyingly slow; you either get lucky and get the legendary trophy mat or after 100 attempts get 100 shards to craft it... for one trophy.  Repeat 3x for each major trophy. 

 The legendary material itself is 8,000-10,000 on the market.  I can make 10,000 gold in about 2 hours of material grinding (such as skinning).  After 2+ hours of grinding blue shards (again needing 100) I only had 30 for the corrupted trophy.  Lost was much faster; I finished my lost trophies within a couple hours which also explains why Lost are dirt cheap on the market compared to the others.  But for corrupted I am way way way better off just farming for gold and buying it out right (which I've now done and have 2 of 3 trophies done).

 Once past the combat trophies it is on to crafting and refining.... a grindin' we shall go!

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