Saturday, June 03, 2023

New World Inventory and Storage Search!

new world inventory and storage search
 Hot sexy news straight out of the New World PTR.  The new inventory search feature is here and its better than expected!  Grab a peak from this Twitch streamer.

 The best part is that it accepts text searches so will not require a lot of clicking like the current TP.  In the stream you see it accepting searches for certain perks.  For example; [abyss] found items with perks that have the word abyss in them.  And [abyss] + [keen] found items with perks that match both (screenshot at right).  Also from other chatting it sounds like it can accept gear score searches such as [keen] > 600 to find gear over 600GS.  Sexy.

 And actually the best best part is that it supports searching storage and inventory.  Let's freaking go!

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