Wednesday, March 27, 2024

MMORPG Alphas! MMORPG Betas! Oh my!

 2024 is shaping up to be a big MMORPG year.  Along that line new alphas and betas are coming soon for Throne & Liberty global launch and Pax Dei!

throne and liberty

 First, Throne & Liberty has announced their long awaited global beta for April 10th!  More details below:

The upcoming Closed Beta Test will start on April 10 at 1PM PT (8PM UTC) and run until April 17 at 1PM PT (8PM UTC). Selected players will receive their invitation via email on April 2, and will be provided a code via email on April 4 with further instructions on how to participate.

 I've signed up and am hopeful to make the beta.  I have a lot of interest in Throne & Liberty as it seems to be on of the few games really striking for the "massive" portion of MMORPG.  For some folks a PvP fight with 1,000+ players may seem muddled but to me it sounds fun.


pax dei

 Next up is Pax Dei with their next "Wilderness Alpha" phase coming.  Check the news post for more information.  If you end up signing up for alpha access feel free to enter my referral code "heartlessgamer_friends".

We just announced that our upcoming Alpha will start on April 23rd. In this post, we want to explain the delay and provide more details on what our teams have been working on during the past few months, as well as what you can expect to test this time around.

 The team looks to be making good progress with the game; specifically on the RPG side.  The sandbox building side looked to be in pretty good shape from previous alpha testing.  With this new alpha there is a hefty set of changes to animations, skills, and thus combat is changing.  The animations of the prior alphas was not polished so looking to see the changes.

 They also have new dungeons which look much better than the caves of the prior updates.

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