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Bottom Fishing in The Angler

A bottom fished trout in the game call of the wild the angler
Bottom fished up a trout!

 My recent vacation got me jazzed about fishing (caught my personal best shark while surf fishing and my son caught his personal best largemouth bass) so I wanted to check back into Call of the Wild: The Angler.  What I found was a new fishing method, bottom fishing, and a much improved experience over all.

 Back when Angler launched it featured just basic fishing methods: float fishing or cast/retrieve.  At some point they added a new method for bottom fishing so I jumped in the tutorial and gave it a whirl.  Fortunately the game provides all the basics to get started.

a screenshot from the game call of the wild the angler
A big ole' pike!

 First I want to note that I found it a little odd that they added specific rods to the game for bottom fishing when in real life the average fisherman will use their current rod/reel for any method (bottom, casting, etc).  Ideally they'd of let us fish with any equipment for bottom fishing and just had bonuses for gear that was more tailored for bottom fishing.

 I set out and grabbed a spot to bottom fish and it worked exactly as I would have expected.  Cast, wait, and catch fish.  I did try some areas with moving water and the weight does move with the water which if you watched closely could fool you to think a fish was nibbling.  However, since I had sound on for nibbles/strikes I knew when I did or did not have a fish on.

 I finished the bottom fishing quests and moved on to fish some more areas of Golden Ridge Reserve (I don't have any of the other maps they've added).  Along the way I found some much improved aspects of the game from my last adventure.

 The biggest quality of life change was to make jigging or twitching baits into a "hold the button" instead of having to shake or repeatedly move your mouse to emulate the action.  This makes it 100% more reliable to perform the specific action without wearing out your wrist/mouse.  Ideally they'd change it to be button press on/off instead of holding the button the entire time.

a screenshot from the game call of the wild the angler

 The next noticeable change was to progression.  Leveling XP was much more smooth and gear in the tackle shop had a much more obvious path to take.  I still had top end gear from the last time I played from the old system but I can see how the new system will be more rewarding for players moving through it.

  The map also seems improved with better icons and the ability to set/record a ton of custom way points.  This was really nice to track the type and level of fish being caught in areas as I tried to fish up a diamond (which I did not).

 Lastly; multiplayer worked!  I joined and left online matches with ease.  It was cool to see a feed of other player catches scrolling past and to be able to jump in a boat and zip by to say hi.

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