Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Pax Dei Sets Early Access Date: June 18th

 Pax Dei is entering early access on June 18th.  This is not a good sign for the game.

 First, I want to be clear that I am NOT against early access.  I have and will continue to be a believer that games developed alongside players playing the game ultimately do better.  So I think the developer's intents are in the right place for Pax Dei.

 Why I don't think early access for Pax Dei is a good sign is because a major aspect of the game, combat, is in a state that is not enjoyable.  What is left behind is the same gather/craft/build any other number of games do better.  Pax Dei's promise was a persistent online world that offered the buildcraft alongside engaging MMO-style combat encounters.

 There is no doubt that that the developers know combat needs a ton of work so going into early access with a shell of a game has to be a known risk to them.  That spells financial problems pushing them to early access.  I hope I am wrong about that but reading between the lines that is what I see.

 Ultimate question: will I play early access? No.  The game just wasn't there yet to be worth playing based on the last alpha.  If the combat system was better then it'd be a much better game.  As it stands; a week after early access launch the hardcore players will have their mega castles built and then what? 

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