Tuesday, June 04, 2024

MEGA SERVERS coming to New World? PvP shards!?

 Are mega servers coming to New World?  Possibly!  In a surprise set of patch notes for 5.0.2 New World is introducing shards.

Also hiding in the update was the mention of a dedicated shard for PvP.  It sounds like you can flag for PvP in any of the shards, but there will be a shard marked for PvP so that ideally PvP players can find each other.

Player vs Player

    Dedicated PvP Shard: Each area has a single Shard for PvP to ensure fair play.
    PvP Flagging: Players flagged for PvP in non-PvP Shards can transfer to the PvP Shard.

 This is an exciting turn of events outside of whatever big announcement we are going to get this Friday.  This shard approach should lay the groundwork to get rid of the server concept and move the game towards a mega server model where we all just jump into the single server and get doled out to "shards".  This is the way to go these days with online games; the single server idea is dead!

 Excited to give the changes a try in the limited zones that will have sharding to start.

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