Tuesday, September 05, 2023

New World Gear Reset CONFIRMED

 I am comfortable now stating without the shadow of a doubt that the New World gear reset is CONFIRMED and your 625 gear is about to be yesterday's news.  The final nail in that coffin was the September developer update posted yesterday on YouTube when it was stated expertise will be gone and so will umbral shard upgrades on gear.  This was the final and full clarification we've been waiting on (past updates only touched on pieces).

 That is a long update, but the key aspect is at 5:49 where it is stated clearly that expertise is gone and umbral upgrading is gone.  Combine this with the updates that gear in the expansion will drop up to gear score 700 and we now know our beloved 625 gear is end of life.  The gear reset is real.  Get your salvage button ready and make room for all new clutter in your inventory and storage!

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