Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New World Rise of the Angry Earth Preperation Checklist

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 With the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion barreling towards New World players on October 3rd I figured it was time to share my checklist of items I am doing to prep for expansion.

 A few key items to keep in mind:

  • Gear score max will change from 625 to 700; current 625 (and below) gear will become obsolete
    • Note: save it to salvage after the patch
  • Max level will be increasing from 60 to 65
  • A new faction tier will be available with new faction store rewards
  • Refining and crafting max level increases from 200 to 250
    • There is a new set of time-gated refining materials

On with my "New World Rise of the Angry Earth Checklist" (more detailed comments below)

  • Bank 10,000 of all raw materials (see below for full list) so that I can power through refining to 250
    • Then will use this to work on crafting, but I have no plans on
  • Bank 30 completed faction quests so that I can level up to the new faction tier
  • Faction tokens around 100k (max is 150k, but you need room to get your rewards turning in your banked faction quests)
  • Bank some completed town boards so that I can turn them in for level 60-65 progress
  • PvP salt saved up (I am at 80k)
  • PvP track ready to complete
  • Do the "Siege of Sulfur" event for named items

Raw Materials

With the refining skills increasing to 250 and a new set of time-gated materials becoming available it will be important to get to 250 refining as soon as possible so you can start refining the cooldown materials.  So I am working through banking a large amount of the following raw materials:

  • Weaving
    • Fibers
    • Silk Threads
    • Wirefiber
  • Logging
    • Green Wood
    • Aged Wood
    • Wyrdwood
    • Ironwood
  • Mining
    • Iron Ore
    • Starmetal Ore
    • Orichalcum ore
    • Note: I don't pass up Silver, Gold, or Platinum but I am not banking them
  • Leatherworking
    • Rawhide
    • Thick Hide
    • Iron Hide

There are folks that have done the math for how much of each is needed to get to 250 but I'm just using a generic "10,000 of each" farming target.

Note: you can then funnel these refined materials into cooldown mats or pushing crafting levels. Or just sell for gold as the market will likely be elevated for a while by folks just buying their way ahead.

Faction Quests and Tokens

You can have a max of 30 faction quests  and since there is a new faction tier to level up with the expansion any completed, but not turned in, faction quests will net you experience towards that level.  I am going to try and get 30 completed and ready to go for day one; at minimum as many as possible in the towns I own houses in.

As a note I am also banking about 100,000 faction tokens to buy new faction shop items. The cap is 150,000; so a 50k buffer for all the faction quests I will be turning in.

Town Boards

With the level increase to 65 it will be possible to get a jump start by having town boards completed but not turned in.  Many of the town board items are very simple; just need to have a few items stashed in storage or craft something.  I am avoiding the "go kill X or collect X" town boards.

PvP salt and track 

The PvP tracks will be a key source for end game gear and it is possible to see 700 GS rewards on the track on day 1.  These rewards will cost a good amount of azoth salt (20,000 if it follows current reward cost).

You can also "store up" a completed PvP track.  Important to note that this will stop new PvP XP gain so time this for right before you log off the day before.  The theory here is two things:

  • If the current track has Umbral Shards as a reward choice that will change to Dark Matter post patch; so leave the shards unselected and hope for the dark matter to select post patch
  • Since you are completing the track once you login you will get an immediate fresh track with new rewards on the new GS scale up to 700; if enough PvP XP rolled over you may get to pick one right away

Siege of Sulfur

The current event, Siege of Sulfur, was extended due to bugs so is still active.  This event spits out current 590 GS named items which will upgrade to 625 with the expansion.  They then can possibly salvage into Dark Matter.  This event is worth doing.

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