Friday, July 14, 2023

Are PvP Tracks Broken in New World?

 New World made great changes to the PvP tracks for Season 2, but they may have broken them at the same time. The tracks reward great (seriously great - best in slot great!) gear now.  The only catch is the rewards cost a pretty pinch of salt (azoth salt specifically) and salt is hard to come by now so it's effectively broken the tracks.

 Here is what my current filled up (not complete!) track looks like.  

 Notice the amazing rewards?  Now look closer at the top right and you will see my current problem: I only have 12,212 azoth salt.  I want at least two of the rewards here; one for 12,500 and one for 20,000 for a total of 32,500 total salt needed.  I actually completed this track when I only had about 10,000 salt and therein lies the problem.

 I am now filling out PvP tracks far faster than I am getting salt to buy rewards.  Not completing a track (i.e. click the complete button after claiming rewards) means all future PvP experience earned goes into a blackhole and is lost. The track carries over the excess experience from the activity that finished the track but nothing past that.  I will likely do 2-3 tracks or more worth of PvP before I have the 32.5k salt to get the rewards here (chest + boots are what I'd love to have).

 Azoth salt is now just a frustrating limiter of my fun in the game.  It used to be a mostly worthless currency; something I had more than I could spend.  I've burned through a huge stockpile of it now and am effectively salt-broke.  I'd prefer it if they just removed salt from the game if I was being honest.

 Compare it to PvE expeditions that give rewards simply for doing the content.  Kill boss.  Loot chest.  Get the reward.  Imagine instead of it was kill boss, get materia (the closest PvE equivalent to azoth salt), and then repeat dozens of more times to be able to use the materia to claim a single randomly generated gear piece.  People would lose their minds.  Note: materia is used to craft specific named drops if you are unlucky in your drops in expeditions.

 Anyways; that will be me over in the corner screaming about a lack of salt or efficient ways to get salt.

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