Thursday, July 06, 2023

New World Season 2: Day 1

 New World Season 2 is dropping later today (7/6).  Hype!  Read the patch notes here.

A few lesser-known notes to call out:

PvP Trade Skill Perk Items
    Adjusted all PvP Trade Skill perk items to no longer bind on pickup:

 This is a great change.  It was irritating that the PvP perks were Bind on Pickup which required you to be a crafter to make use of them.  Now they can be sold to other players just like they should have been from the start!

 Next we have some faction store updates:

 The faction stores have had their weapons and armor prices and stats changed to make them more desirable. All previous weapons and armor have been removed from the store.

 But the armor/weapons are only 580 gear score so are effectively worthless as you can't upgrade anything that is not 590.  You are still better just buying cheap 590+ gear off the trading post.  This update makes no sense.

Component items that allow multiple Major trophies to be crafted into an Ultimate trophy.

 Basically my entire existence for the past few weeks has been  getting my major trophies ready for this update.  Now just to farm the gold (45k per) and faction tokens (100k per)!

    Bag - Gear Score 600 and Bind on Pickup
        Artisans Satchel
        This bag features the Lasting Consumption, Luck and Azoth Attuned perks as well as a perk from the Burdened perk bucket to finish them off.

 This will be a good way to get Lasting Consumption now without breaking the bank!

Artisans Flatbread

    This meal has the same effect as Hearty Meal but lasts twice as long and has a default craft bonus amount of 120%

 Interesting meal; not sure what the purpose of this is but will check it out.  In general you aren't eating a hearty meal for its long term effect so duration is not a factor here except for maybe the craft bonus.

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